Child Protective Services

As a Public Children Services Agency, the Ashland County Department of Job and Family Services is required to receive reports of child abuse and neglect, and to investigate those reports in a timely manner. When necessary, ACDJFS works with families to identify services and develop a case plan that reduces the risk of future abuse or neglect.

In most cases where a need for services has been identified, ACDJFS provides services to the child and family while the child remains in the home. However, there are instances when the child cannot remain safely in the home and it becomes necessary for ACDJFS to work with the Ashland County Common Pleas Juvenile Court to remove the child from the situation. When the child is placed outside of the home, ACDJFS must develop a plan detailing the activities that must occur to ensure that the child is able to return home safely. If that is not possible, the plan will identify an alternative safe, stable, permanent living situation that promotes the child's health, growth, and development.

Published on  June 10th, 2015