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Family Emergency Plan Checklist

Here our visitors will find a checklist of important questions to ask in creating their Family Emergency Plan and preparing for a major emergency within Ashland County. If your family can answer 'Yes' to all of these questions, then your family is well-prepared for an emergency.

  1. Do You Keep Important Telephone Numbers Readily Available?
  2. Do all Family Members have a Copy of these Important Telephone Numbers? If so, are they easily accessible?
  3. Does Your Family Have A Fire Evacuation Plan? If So When Was it Last Tested?
  4. Is There a First Aid Kit in the House? If so, is it stocked with necessary items?
  5. Has any Member of Your Family Been Trained in First Aid and/or CPR? If so, has it been within the past 5 years?
  6. Are there Labels on all Poisonous Substances? If so, are they kept out of reach of young children?
  7. Do You Have Extra Water in Storage? If so, is it enough for a 3-day emergency?
  8. Do You Have A Flashlight and Batteries? If so, are there spare batteries charged and readily available?
  9. Do You Keep a Transistor or Hand-cranked Radio In Your House?
  10. Does Your Family Know The Difference between a Watch and a Warning? If Not, visit our Definitions Section.
  11. Have You Talked With Your Family About The Possibility of Evacuation? If so, do you have a plan in place? Has it been tested?
  12. Does Your Family Keep Personal Items Ready To Take In The Event of an Emergency? If so, is it enough for a 3-day emergency?
  13. Does Your Family Keep Extra Dry Goods and Food Stored? If so, is it updated every six (6) months?
  14. Are Your Family Automobiles Equipped with Emergency Supplies?
  15. Has your Family Automobile been serviced lately? If so, do you keep your gas tank above half full, in the event of being stranded?

For more information about any of these questions above, please visit our Emergency Preparedness and Weather Safety Guide pages. While we try to provide assistance to handle every emergency event that may happen in Ashland County, there may be some events that are not listed. If you feel that there are other checklist items we should provide, please contact us at your earliest convenience. As The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency works hard to help Ashland County residents have the education they need in the event of an emergency.


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