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What is REVERSE 911?

REVERSE 911 is a program that launches emergency messages using a combination of database and Geographic Information System computer mapping technologies.  The system can quickly target a precise geographic area and saturate it with thousands of calls.  Designed for rapid distribution of messages, REVERSE 911 creates calling zones which can be based on immediate emergency circumstances or selected in advance based on anticipated scenarios. In addition to its many standard features, REVERSE 911 offers a variety of optional modules that allow the police department to custom-build a notification system to meet the exact needs of our community.

Some of the many uses of the Reverse911 system include:

  • Emergency Evacuations

  • Missing Person Alerts

  • Natural Disaster Alerts

  • Hazardous Material Leaks

  • Search and Rescue Operations

  • Crime Prevention

  • Wanted Person Alerts

  • Neighborhood Emergency Incidents

  • Special Community Notifications

  • Homeland Security

Reverse 911 map

Whether the primary goal is responding to hazardous material incidents, gathering and reporting information about criminal activities, or assisting with weather-related evacuations, REVERSE 911 can configure a recorded message providing residents with critical information or detailed instructions.

The REVERSE 911 technology provides the city's first responders with a state-of-the-art, turnkey public safety communication solution that meets our community's individual needs. The system functions exceptionally well within today's communication resources and is scaled to meet future growth predictions.

Call Screening Features

However, Reverse 911 will not work with phone lines having call screening features. For example, if your phone line requires an individual to identify himself or herself through a recorded message before the call is excepted, the Reverse 911 system will not work. The system is designed to play the recorded message upon voice activation, such as a person saying "hello" or an answering machine recording.

Private Call Blocking

Moreover, the Reverse 911 system will work if your phone line has private call blocking. The system automatically identifies itself, allowing the phone call through.

Unpublished Phone Numbers

The Reverse 911 system will only contact individuals with published phone numbers. Citizens that have unlisted or unpublished phone numbers will not be called. However, if citizens have an unpublished phone number and want to be contacted in the event of an emergency incident, they should contact the Ashland County EMA.

New Residents

Also, citizens that have recently moved into Ashland County or changed their residential phone should register their phone number for Reverse 911 service with Ashland County EMA by contacting Ashland County EMA.

The incorporation of the REVERSE 911 system represents Ashland County EMA's continuing commitment to providing our citizens with the most advanced technologies available to ensure that our local public safety is as effective as possible.

For further information regarding the REVERSE 911 system or to register an unlisted or unpublished telephone number please contact EMA Director Mark Rafeld at 419-282-4272.


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