Service Coordination

What is Service Coordination?

Service coordination is a team approach to helping families and children with multiple needs. It connects agencies, people and services to work together to develop a coordinated service plan. The team approach helps to organize services; help them be more efficient; and address the specific needs of each family. Families work with a team as the major partner in service decisions and planning. FCFC service coordination does not replace individual agency provider plans.

The goal is to enhance the development of children by increasing the capacity of families to meet their children's needs. The team prepares a Family Service Opportunity Plan that is a comprehensive inventory of service supports for any member of the family.

Service Coordination activities include:

  • Scheduling meetings and identifying team participants
  • Collecting and sharing information critical to service decision making
  • Coordinating the performance of evaluations and assessments;
  • Facilitating the development, review and evaluation of Family Service Plans;
  • Assisting families in identifying service providers; as well as natural supports
  • Coordinating and monitoring the delivery of all necessary services;
  • Informing families of the availability of advocacy services;

Who is eligible for Service Coordination?

Any Ashland County family with a youth under the age of 21 in need of a coordinated inter-disciplinary plan to address their unique needs can use Service Coordination.

How can I get Service Coordination for my child/family?

Typically, an agency worker already involved with the family will refer that family for Service Coordination. However, any family has the right to self-refer for Service Coordination to the Family and Children First Council.

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