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Nancy Earick, Ashland County Education Specialist


Ashland Christian School posted the following activities on Facebook:

Thank you to Mr. Mike Earick and Mrs. Nancy Earick for their compost instruction and oversight with the 7th and 8th grade classes! Students were answering the question: How do you make food last longer and sustain agriculture? The 8th grade students researched and brainstormed, then worked on building an innovative compost unit with Mr. Mike Earick! The 7th grade class split into groups and worked with Mrs. Nancy Earick and Mrs. Kathie Connolly to educate our school on how to compost within the lunchroom and how to market the school compost!

Special thanks to the Ashland County Solid Waste & Recycling Center for their compost unit donation and thank you to the Wooster Habitat for Humanity barrel donation that was used to develop an innovative composter. Ashland Christian School plans to use both compost units to begin composting from the lunchroom!

Thank you to Mr. John Teevan for his drone instruction with the 6th grade class! Mr. Jonathan Priest and Mrs. Beth Szijarto assisted students with soil survey maps, where students learned how drones and satellite imagery can help farmers with fertilizer implementation to reduce costs.

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Ashland Christian 3rd graders make Recycling Signs 

to encourage other students to step on board with Recycling