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Nancy Earick, Ashland County Education Specialist



Earth Day Project

Hillsdale 1st grade - Mrs. Coopenhaver




               Lizzy Wilbert - Hillsdale 1st grade               Roland Twining - Hillsdale 1st grade


Loudonville 1st grade Snowflake Tree

Hillsdale 1st grade - Mrs. Coopenhaver  


              Elizabeth Wilbert       Roland Twining         Elyse Rogers      Adalynn Roberts 


Chase Caudill   Hillsdale 1st grade - Mrs. Fickes


Regan Ling    Hillsdale 1st grade - Mrs. Fickes






The 2020 School year begins!


        2020 Earth Trees

Our forest of trees is growing!!



***With the changing seasons

the Earth tree changes***

 Hillsdale - first grade


Hillsdale Elementary School - 1st grade 

 Cayden McCoy

 Elyse Rogers


Alex Strahler

 Holden Porter

 Ella Moffett

Mariah Hess

 Regan Ling

 Thor Stauffer


Ashland City Schools 3rd grade  Mrs. Chandler





Dylan Kamenik - Hillsdale 1st grade


Cayden McCoy - Hillsdale 1st grade


 Natalie Kamenik - Hillsdale 1st grade


Reagan - 3rd grade

Mrs. Clever, Mrs. Chandler, Mr. Rowe

Edison - 3rd grade

Miss Ackerman, Mrs. White & Mrs. Heller


Hilldale - 1st grade

Hillsdale - Riley Bershire, 1st grade

Loudonville - 3rd grade

Mrs. Stitzlein, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Saldana


Hillsdale - 2nd grade

Mrs. Ohail, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Weiler


Mapleton Mountie PreSchool - Mrs. Smith



This is Ireland McCrory at Hillsdale with his pumpkin CD.  The students learned about composting  & were asked to reuse items to make their pumpkins.


Ashland Christian School - 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades

Mrs Bell, Mrs. Hickinbotham & Mrs. Shenberger


Ashland City Reagan - Mrs. Anderson

2nd grade

Loudonville School District

Remote Learning Program

Moffett Family

Clasical Conversation home school

Ropp family


Black River Schools - Mrs. Goble

 1st grade class


Black River Schools - Mrs. Warner

 1st grade class


Loudonville School - 1st grade classes

Teachers: Mrs. Marotta, Mrs. Stull, Mrs. Baker



Loudonville School - 2nd grade classes   Teachers: Miss Wheeler, Mrs. Portz, Mrs. Pollard



Hilldale Elementary

1st Grade classes


Teachers:  Mrs. Coopenhaver

       Mrs. Fickes

         Mrs. Dropsey





Mrs. Earick's at home projects:

click on the links below as they become available for projects you can do at home!

**Scroll past projects list to see completed project photos from area students!!**


A windows on waste project:

 How to start your own recycling business

Let's Recycle!

Earth Puzzle

Make Your Own Dirt

Compost Word Search

Happy Earth Day!!!

Earth Day Salt Dough Ornaments

Recycling Sign

Earth Day Booklet

Compost or Recycle

The Little Things

Earth Day Word Search

Parts of a flower 4/2/2020


Art Project: Reusing a milk jug 4/1/2020

Materials needed:  milk jugs, scissors, brushes,

glue & colored tissue paper

Construct a House 3/24/2020


Paper Making & Word Search 3/20/2020


activity from Keep Middletown Beautiful

Wump World project 3-19-2020




Mapleton Preschool class 

learned about composting & sent in some pictures of the activities!!

digging for worms!!!!

adding leaves to the compost bin


The students that made these elephants also wrote a paper on the habitat of an elephant & its needs.

   The Little Things

Ashland Christian School posted the following activities on :

Thank you to Mr. Mike Earick and Mrs. Nancy Earick for their compost instruction and oversight with the 7th and 8th grade classes! Students were answering the question: How do you make food last longer and sustain agriculture? The 8th grade students researched and brainstormed, then worked on building an innovative compost unit with Mr. Mike Earick! The 7th grade class split into groups and worked with Mrs. Nancy Earick and Mrs. Kathie Connolly to educate our school on how to compost within the lunchroom and how to market the school compost!

Special thanks to the Ashland County Solid Waste & Recycling Center for their compost unit donation and thank you to the Wooster Habitat for Humanity barrel donation that was used to develop an innovative composter. Ashland Christian School plans to use both compost units to begin composting from the lunchroom!

Thank you to Mr. John Teevan for his drone instruction with the 6th grade class! Mr. Jonathan Priest and Mrs. Beth Szijarto assisted students with soil survey maps, where students learned how drones and satellite imagery can help farmers with fertilizer implementation to reduce costs.

#STEMFeedsOhio   #ACSSustainableAgriculture   #CompostingDronesSatelliteImagery






Ashland Christian 3rd graders make Recycling Signs 

to encourage other students to step on board with Recycling