Household Hazardous Waste

Latex & Oil Base Paint Disposal Tips

Allow paint to dry by removing the lid and allowing liquids to evaporate.  This works well for small quantities of paint (an inch or two in the bottom of the can), and can take several days. Latex & oil based paint can also be solidified by mixing in an equal amount of an absorbent material and allowed to dry. Use cat litter, sawdust, plaster of paris, oil dry or vermiculite.

The Ashland County Recycling Center has waste paint hardener packets  (for latex paint only) available for sale. Each packet cost $2.00 and will harden 2/3's of a gallon.

After paint is dried out or solidified, leave the lid off the can & it can be disposed of in your regular garbage (check with your trash collector to see if any fees apply).

For more information call the ashland county recycling center at 419-289-7382.


What The Consumer Needs to Know about Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs

The Ohio EPA's Public Interest Center has recently developed the following webpage which offers information for the public on compact flourescent light bulbs (CFLs) at