Tree Descriptions


EASTERN WHITE PINE (2-2yr. Transplant) A majestic evergreen beauty when planted as a single specimen tree, this very hardy pine grows stately and gracefully tall. Needles are soft and bluish-green in color. Bark is thin, smooth and greenish-brown, turning darker as trees mature.  Grows well in a wide range of soils. Soft, light-green needles in clusters of five. With adequate moisture, growth can be 12”-18”per year. Useful for windbreak, wildlife. and Christmas trees.

NORWAY SPRUCE (2-2 yr. transplant)  One of the fastest growing of all spruces. An attractive, pyramidal evergreen with distinctive sweeping branches. Shiny green 1/2-1 inch long, flat needles.Beautiful spreading branches with drooping twigs.  Grows on most sites except where soil is water soaked. Once established will thrive under seasonal drought. Grows in full sun to partial sun to a mature height of 75-100 feet, used for windbreaks.

COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE (2-2 yr. transplants)  A dense conical with stout, prickly, 3/4 to 1 1/4 inch needles, excellent deep blue color throughout the entire tree. The most adaptable of the spruces, it prefers rich moist soils in full sun and also thrives in dry, well-drained sites. It has a medium growth rate and may reach 30 to 60 ft tall.

WHITE SPRUCE (2-2 yr. transplant) This spruce is a very hardy, fast rate of growth compact tree with short blue-green needles. A dense pyramidal tree widely used in hedges and windbreaks or Christmas trees. Grows to 60 feet tall and spreads to 25 to 30 feet across. This spruce tolerates a wide variety of soils.

AMERICAN ARBORVITAE (2-2 transplant) Also known as White Cedar. Grows to 40 feet. Spread 10 to 15 feet. Evergreen foliage is scale like and flat. Grows in ordinary soil, and also does well in swampy areas and alkaline soil. These trees are pyramidal in growth and well suited for windbreaks, plant 4 feet apart. This Arborvitae is a faster, taller and slightly wider growth than pyramidal arborvitae. Good wetland plantings.

DOUGLAS FIR (Lincoln) (2-2yr. transplant) A splendid pyramidal evergreen conifer, with short-stalked flat, blue-green needles ¾” to 1 ¼ “ long. A rapid grower, hardy tree that grows well in a variety of soils.

CANADIAN HEMLOCK (2-1 year transplant)  One of the most beautiful evergreens due to its lacy graceful growth.  Can be pruned to maintain desired height.  Yellow-green needles in spring changing to a glossy green. Prefers part shade but will do well in full shade or sun. Likes moisture.  Shelter  small plants from drying winds.

DOUGLAS FIR (2-2yr transplant)  A splendid pyramidal evergreen conifer, with short-stalked flat, blue-green needles 3/4" to 11/4" long.  A rapid grower, hardy tree that grows well in a variety of soils.

CONCOLOR FIR (San Isabel) (2-2yr, transplant)  An evergreen with flat, varying green to deep blue needles, 1½” to 2” long, a hardy tree stands dryness and high temperatures better than other firs. Rapid grower after becoming established.

RED OAK  This fast growing oak, maturing with a broad round head, leaves turning a red to reddish-brown in autumn. Used both for timber and shade. Will tolerate a wide range of soil types from acid to alkaline. It thrives in full sun to partial sun. Mature height 75 to 80 feet. It is commercially valuable timber and provides acorns for wildlife.

WHITE OAK  A large (50 to 80 feet) majestic native tree with wide spreading branches and leaves of blue-green turning wine-colored in fall. Grows best in a deep, loamy, well drained soil. A good tolerance of highway salt. Tolerates most soils except those very wet. Thrives in full sun to partial sun. It has a slow to medium growth rate. This ornamental shade tree provides sweet acorns loved by birds and animals, especially deer.

TULIP POPLAR  This tree is fast growing and can attain a height of 100 ft. It is intolerant of shade and prefers rich, moist soil. It has a greenish-yellow flower that is tulip-shape and is generally free of pests and disease, which promotes its growth.

AMERICAN /  EASTERN REDBUD  A small flat-topped tree, producing pink blooms on bare stems. Foliage is large and heart-shape, changing to yellow in fall. Plant in a protected location.

AMERICAN CHESTNUT  Rounded spreading crown, massive branches, large sweet edible nuts, important wildlife value, mature height 100'. "APPARENTLY BLIGHT FREE"    Has no gene modification.  Limited # 300

DAWN REDWOOD   A large fast growing decidous conifer.  Grows in moist, well-drained soil.  An excellent shade or street tree if the lot is large enough.

LATE LILAC  A rounded, deciduous shrub that grows to 10' tall on upright stems clad with ovate to oblong, medium green leaves.  It blooms several weeks later than common lilac.  Slightly fragrant, rose-lilac to whtie flowers bloom in dense, pyramidal penicles in May.