Shelter Information


          Ashland County Dog Shelter is a "self-funded" shelter which takes in strays or dogs brought in by the dog warden to be held for a set time before either being claimed by the owner or vaccinated and put up for adoption. The shelter accepts donation of supplies or money to help with the care and feeding of the dogs. The Ashland County Dog Shelter does not handle cats as they are not covered by Ohio State Laws or County Ordinances and are there for not handled by the county.

         The Ashland County Dog Warden is also based out of the shelter and is tasked with the enforcement of 955 of The Ohio Revised Code which does not include animals other than dogs.

         The Humane Society of Ashland County, which is tasked with enforcing 959 of The Ohio Revised Code which includes neglect and abuse of animals, can be reached at 419-281-4722. The Humane Society does not have a shelter at this time and can be reached by phone or messenger on their web page.