Victim Services

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney in Ashland County strives to ensure that the victim and witnesses in criminal cases receive fair and courteous treatment during the course of a criminal prosecution. To that end, the Prosecutor and/or his staff will notify victims and witnesses of information about the criminal process and events which occur in the criminal case. My Victims Assistance Coordinator is always available to answer your individual questions.

I believe that victim assistance is a major responsibility of this office and pledge our support to the victims of crime. There are many ways we might be able to offer victims assistance, starting with ensuring that a criminal is held accountable for his/her actions. As a victim, you may have the right to Victim compensation through the Ohio Court of Claims and I encourage you to read the information on the Attorney General’s website for information about the compensation program.

If you are threatened or intimidated by the defendant, his/her family or friends, please contact the law enforcement agency which investigated the case as soon as possible. If you fear immediate harm please call 911 IMMEDIATELY. If you do not have a telephone, please contact my victims assistance coordinator at 419-289-8857 to discuss possible assistance in obtaining a telephone.

Links for Victims' Rights (Marsy's Law), Crime Victims Compensation Program information

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