Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  You just paved our road.  Why are you adding loose stone?

A.  Ashland County uses a cold mix paving process on most county roads when they are resurfaced.  This cold mix is very porous compared to the traditional hot mix used on State Highways. 

The stone is added to seal the pores of the new pavement to prevent water from getting in and damaging the new pavement.

Ashland County then comes back later the same year and applies an asphalt chip seal to the surface to further prevent water from permeating the pavement.

Q.  My mailbox has been knocked down by your mower or snow plow.  What will you do about it?

A.  In the course of making the roads safe for the traveling public we may unintentionally knock down your mailbox.  Our operators may not be aware your box is down so please call our office.  Your current box will be reset or replaced if it is no longer useable. 

There are some things you can do to minimize the chance your mailbox will be damaged.

  1. Wooden posts rot. If you have a wooden post, check it occasionally and replace it if rot is present.
  2. Plastic mailboxes may look good but they become brittle from sun exposure and cold. Consider replacing your plastic mailbox with a metal one.
  3. Make sure your mailbox is mounted at least 3' from the edge of pavement

Q.  What permits do I need to build on my property?

A.  The Ashland County Engineer does not issue any zoning or building permits.  Zoning and residential construction is handled individually by the townships.  Commercial construction permits are handled by the Ashland City Building and Zoning Department.  The Ashland County Planning Commission may have additional information that applies to your situation.

Q.  Can you recommend a surveyor or contractor?

A.  We cannot legally recommend a surveyor or contractor for you to use.  Here is a list of surveyors registered to practice in Ashland County.

Q.  Can I purchase road materials from you?

A.  The highway department stockpiles materials needed to maintain the roads.  This includes road signs, stone, culvert pipe, etc.  We do not sell these items to the public.

Q.  What is the cost for a Right-Of-Way Permit or Special Hauling Permit Application?

A.  Currently there is no fee associated with applying for a permit.

Q. My drive pipe is collapsing.  Will you replace it?

A. According to ORC 5543.16 installing, replacing and maintaining a drive pipe is the responsibility of the land owner.  Therefore, the Ashland County Highway Department will not replace your drive pipe.

Q.  Do you issue building permits?

A.  Each Township adopts and enforces its own building regulations.

Q. Do you assign House Numbers?

A.  No.  House numbers are assigned by the Ashland County Emergency Management Office.

Published on  November 20th, 2020