Tax Map Office

The Tax Map Office documents land ownership throughout the county, maintains a database of boundary surveys and is an integral part of the land transfer process.


In Ashland County the land transfer process begins in the Tax Map Office.  Bring the required documents here for approval before going on to the Treasurer's, Auditor's and Recorder's Offices.

There is NO deed description pre-approval. 


Property splits under 20 acres and in unincorporated areas require approval from the Ashland County Planning Commission at 419-281-7645.

For splits within villages or the City of Ashland, check with the municipality.


Using deed descriptions the Tax Map Office staff creates maps representing parcels and their ownership for use by the Auditor to assess property taxes.  While these maps include dimensions and acreage they are not intended to define property line placement.

These maps have been incorporated into a Geographic Information System (GIS) and can be accessed online.  By overlaying the tax map parcel lines over an aerial view of Ashland County, the GIS allows you to access information related to parcels of land.  Again, the GIS is not intended to define property line placement.


The Tax Map Office also houses a collection of surveys that have been presented for approval.  It is not an exhaustive collection and some of them can be accessed via the GIS.  These surveys should be used for informational purposes only.  Any interpretation of these documents should be done by a licensed professional surveyor and/or attorney.  The Tax Map Office makes no warranties as to the validity of the information these surveys contain.

Published on  June 28th, 2018