Ditch - report problem or apply for enclosure permit

Road ditches are intended to carry water away from the road leaving a drier road surface and road base.  This improves the safety and stability of the road.  Ditch enclosures become a part of this drainage system and must be designed to keep water from flowing over the road.

Installation, replacement and maintenance of ditch enclosures is the responsibility of the landowner (see ORC 5543.16). 

DITCH ENCLOSURE INSTALLATION, REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR PERMIT  For all ditch enclosure work along county roads.

For ditch issues along county roads phone (419-282-4281) or email the Ashland County Engineer's Office

For ditch issues along State or US Routes contact the Ohio Department of Transportation.

For ditch issues along township roads contact your Township Trustees.

*Ditching involves excavating and must by marked by the Ohio Utilities Protection Service prior to beginning. OUPS requires 48 hours' notice so ditching is not a project that can be done the same day as reported.

Published on  May 2nd, 2017