List of Zoning Inspectors

List of Township Zoning Resolutions

Amendment To Township Zoning Resolution


For Residential Construction Projects

In Ashland County, almost all townships have a zoning resolution and map that defines the regulations for building and land usage within a township. Residents within zoned areas (some villages/cities included) are required to apply for a zoning permit in order to change a property's zoning, construct new structures, and/or make changes to existing structures. In order to obtain a zoning permit, please contact the appropriate zoning inspector for your township or village/city.


For Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects

Commercial and industrial construction projects require building permits. These permits are issued by the City of Ashland's Engineering Office, which administers the Ohio Building Code (OBC) in unincorporated portions of Ashland County. This includes new construction, alterations, and changes in use on projects not involving new single family residential dwellings.

Engineering Division, City of Ashland
206 Claremont Avenue, 3rd Floor
Ashland, OH 44805
Phone: 419-289-8331
Fax: 419-281-8052

Published on  19.03.2021