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General Lot Split Process

The Ashland County Planning Department processes lot splits within the unicorporated areas of Ashland County. For anyone wishing to split off a portion of land, understand that the process can take several weeks. Please also note the fees listed below. If you are unfamiliar with the process of subdividing land within Ashland County, please read the set of instructions that applies to the parcel you wish to create:

1. Lot Split Application Process (for creating regular, buildable parcels between 1 and 20 acres)

2. Exempted Lot Split Application Process (for creating non-buildable parcels less than 1 acre or unconforming to the Ashland County Subdivision Regulations)



Per Lot Split = $125 (breakdown below)

Per Exempted Lot Split = $20 (breakdown below)

Published on  06.02.2019